Video Highlights
Visual cognition is a key capability of human being, but a big challenge in artificial intelligence. We provide thousands of labeled video sequences and clips to help researchers train their models to "understand" what these videos represent.
Scene Parsing
Scene parsing is a core capability for autonomous driving technologies. We have collected and annotated a large amount of outdoor scenes captured by vehicle mounted sensors. The whole dataset will evolve to include RGB videos with per pixel annotation and high-accuracy depth, stereoscopic video, and panoramic images.
Machine Reading Comprehension
Machine Reading Comprehension (MRC) is one of the core abilities of artificial intelligence. We release DuReader, a large-scale real-world Chinese dataset for MRC to promote the research. DuReader contains more than 200K questions, 1M evidence documents and 420K human generated answers.Related competition
Information Extraction
Open-Domain Information Extraction (OIE) is a task of extracting important information from open-domain sentences. OIE are proven valuable in many artificial intelligence tasks such as text summarization, text comprehension, knowledge-based question answering systems, and more. We release SAOKE dataset, a human annotated dataset containing more than 40 thousand of Chinese sentences and the corresponding facts in SAOKE form.
Knowledge Extraction
Schema based Knowledge Extraction (SKE) Dataset offers a large number of real Chinese sentences with manually annotated and SPO triples. It provides a challenging benchmark for evaluating knowledge extraction algorithms bounded by a pre-defined schema.
Traffic Speed Prediction
We provide a large-scale real-world traffic speed prediction dataset - Q-Traffic dataset, which consists of 114 million crowd user queries, geographical attributes and traffic speed of 15,073 road segments.
Entity Linking
Entity Recognition and Linking (ERL) is a fundamental task in the research and application of knowledge graph. It identifies entities in a given text and link them to the corresponding entries in a knowledge base. It is the building block for many intelligent systems such as search engine, question and answering system, recommendation system, dialog system. We are releasing the BERL dataset, a large-scale corpus of Chinese short-texts for entity recognition and linking tasks. BERL contains 100K annotated short text, and corresponding mention and links to entities in Baidu Knowledge Base.