EZDL Custom Sound Recognition

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Product Introduction
Sound classification
Classify the source of sound in an audio file
Fast model training with small dataset
Training set requires only 50+ audio files assigned to each label. Training time can be about an hour if training set contains 1,000 audio files.
Diversified applications
Security monitoring:custom classification of abnormal and normal sounds, as the basis of emergency alert
Scientific research:custom recognition of sounds of individuals from the same or different species, to assist field research
Others:just brainstorm and train the sound classification model you desire
Steps to Use the Platform
4 steps only
1.Create a model
2.Upload audios
3.Train and test the model
4.Deploy model to get your unique API
Core Advantages
4 steps only, zero knowledge of deep learning required
Optimized algorithms and engineering, <15 minutes of training time on average
More than 2/3 of models
get accuracy scores >90%
Highly secure
Data encrypted and isolated,
mature authentication mechanism
Image Classification
Classify the object/scene shown in an image, used when there is only one object/scene shown in the image.
Image Classification
Object Detection
Identify the label and position of each target object in the image, suitable for identifying multiple objects in the image.
Object Detection

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