China's fresh produce ma
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China' s fresh produce market has become the focus of e-commerce giants Alibaba Group and Hema Fresh (Hema Xiansheng), a newly emerged retail chains focusing on fresh food. Hema Fresh first opened shop in Shanghai 2016, but now has a total of 234 outlets and mini-outlets. In recent developments, Hema Xiansheng has landed a spot on Taobao’s Taoxianda, a section of Taobao dedicated to fresh food retail.Hema Xiansheng’ s collaboration with Taobao is expected to increase the company’s online traffic significantly. This new push into an e-commerce echoes industry trends to connect on-line with off-line.Hema Fresh is changing the model for fresh food e-commerce in China. Its recent partnership with Taobao highlights why Hema Xiansheng is considered to be an industry leader. The future of online fresh produce retail will certainly include Hema Fresh and Taobao in the forefront.

This video provided by CNBC shows us a tour of one of Alibaba's Hema Fresh stores and robot restaurants in Shanghai. Watch the video and discuss the following questions.


1. What are the three pillars of Hema Fresh’s strategies?

2. What is so special about the price tags at Hema Fresh?

3. How to place an order at a Hema robot restaurant?