EZDL Products

    Core Advantanges

    Visual operation

    Without knowledge of machine learning, you can build your custom model with 4 simple steps: Create model - Upload data - Train model - Deploy model. The model can be built in as short as 15 minutes.

    High quality

    EZDL will automatically match your needs with most suitable algorithm in order to build your custom model. High performance can be achieved with even small amount of data.

    Cloud and Edge solutions

    Well trained model can be deployed through API or offline SDK, flexibly adapting to various environment.

    Data support

    Collecting and annotating high-quality training data is supported in multiple ways


    Free requestsQPSPrice (Yuan/k)
    0<Monthly requests<150k150k<Monthly requests<1500k1500k<Monthly requests<5000k5000k<Monthly requests
    Cloud APIEZDL Image Classification API500 requests/day10 QPS for free if you paid for extra requests4210.5
    EZDL Object Detection API500 requests/day4 QPS for free if you paid for extra requests4321
    EZDL Sound Classification API500 requests/day4 QPS for free if you paid for extra requests42.51.50.8
    SDK3-month free testing

    Notice: "Monthly requests" refers to the sum of daily number of requests (excuding daily 500 free requests). If your daily number of requests is lower than 500, you will not be charged.View pricing documents


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